MAY 19th 2018

His name is respected and well known around this region due to his unwavering support of local, high school, amateur, and professional sports in the Summit City . In addition to his commitment to sports, his Blue Ball Open is no doubt one of the premier events that people look forward to each summer. His passion in which he leads the fight for research, and ultimately a cure for Prostate Cancer right here in Fort Wayne is amazing!


Kent Hormann will be the first honoree in what will be a new tradition each year to honor someone in our community. 

We all know someone who has been affected by Prostate Cancer, but many of us choose to do nothing. It’s our belief that many times, people and initiatives like Kent's are sometimes taken for granted. It is our hope, that we will continue shining a light on his exemplary work.

There will be a presentation and dinner following the event at Cedar Creek. Public are welcome to come.

"I cannot express enough how honored I am to receive this consideration from your organization.  When I started in this business forty years ago, I felt it was a special opportunity to be able to work in my hometown.  I have never been in the business for any awards or recognition, I just hoped to do a thorough and professional job of informing the community to the best of my abilities.  I developed a passion for golf over the years, but thankfully I do not have to rely on my golf game for my supper !!  One of my professional plums is the opportunity to emcee the annual Mad Anthonys Red Coat Dinner prior to the Mad Anthonys Children's Hope House Tournament.  To be recognized by 3RVRS in this fashion is an honor I will always cherish." - Kent Hormann

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